NBAA on winning streak in Vegas


Another NBAA is over. People all over the world are resting blistered feet and tired bodies. It is always an exceptionally well organised convention and this year more than 27,000 business aviation attended. This is the highest attendance since 2007 (between 2006 and 2008 the convention attracted more than 30,000 people).

Lots of business was done, and there were buyers there, but you cannot read too much into the rising attendance. As this analysis we did in 2012 shows there is not much correlation between attendance and deliveries. You can also over-analyse this data. For example, less business jets are delivered during years when NBAA is in Las Vegas.

Taxi drivers were very grateful to the NBAA for bringing 27,000 people to town, but they are most excited about the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in a few weeks. More than 177,000 people are expected to turn up to watch people fall off cows and bulls.