NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. orders Hawker 400XPR


Hawker 400XPR

Beechcraft announces that NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. has ordered a Hawker 400XPR upgrade package.
Hawker 400XPR

Hawker 400XPR in flight.

The Beechcraft Corporation has received an order from NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Martin Truex Jr. for the Hawker 400XPR upgrade package, expected to be  delivered in the first half of 2014.

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The Hawker 400XPR is a re-manufactured version of the Hawker 400 light jet – originally branded as the  Beechjet 400 – that comes fitted with brand new Williams FJ-44-4A-32 engines, a refurbished interior and a new paint job.

Truex Jr. recently bought a Beechjet 400A and has became the first NASCAR driver to select the 400XPR. He said: “I have evaluated many aircraft that have the speed and efficiency to get me to 36 NASCAR events annually. However, only the Hawker 400XPR provides me and my team with the needed range, cabin volume, operating costs and support along the way that I expect from an aircraft partner. The overall value proposition of this aircraft made this a very simple decision for our team.”

Brian Howell, Beechcraft vice president, aftermarket sales and business development, said: “An owner like Martin Truex Jr. very much appreciates an aircraft that provides light jet operating costs, but allows for non-stop flights to nearly every NASCAR track from his home in North Carolina.”

“He is choosing the XPR knowing the upgrade is supported by our worldwide network of factory-owned and authorised service centres,” Howell added.

The Hawker 400XPR is a competitor of the Nextant 400XT, which was launched two years earlier than the Hawker XPR, as the first upgrade of the popular Hawker 400 jet.