Mike McCracken, Hawkeye Aircraft Aquisitions


Mike McCracken is a seasoned US aircraft and re-opened Hawkeye Aircraft Aquisitions in mid-2014 after leaving his position at Embraer.
Mike McCracken is the president of Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions.

Mike McCracken is the president of Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions.

Why did you become an aircraft broker?

“I became an aircraft broker /acquisitions agent after many years of seeing people deal with less than ethical people and tiring of trying to fit the square peg into the round hole working with the OEM.”

What was the first aircraft you sold?

“My first sale was the Cessna 150 I learned to fly in before I ever got into being a professional sales person. I got a 10 per cent premium for the aircraft and I always felt it was because of knowing the plane and “selling” how it was unique as compared to other aircraft.”

What is your favourite aircraft?

“I really do not have a favorite plane. Modern planes are all well engineered and do their intended missions fairly well.  For those of the yesteryear set, the Beech 18, which I flew night freight in, always struck me as a great plane. It was both docile in the air and a handful on the ground.”

Do you have a pilot’s license?

“I am a 6000+ hour ATP rated pilot with three type ratings.”

How many aircraft do you sell per year?

“In the past, I averaged around six new aircraft a year (most of that time, I was selling only two products and primarily only new planes). With my new venture, I think it will be around 10-12 transactions, which will include acquisitions as well as selling.”

Do you think you could sell anything?

“The art of selling is fun and done right is hard work.  Therefore, I believe I could sell any product.”

Would you ever use eBay to market an aircraft?

“Currently, I do not believe that eBay is where aircraft buyers would look for a jet. However, we are entering a new generation of business and high net worth individuals buying aircraft and who knows how they will look for planes in the future.

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“That said, I still believe that while they might start a search on eBay, complicated, high dollar investments are best done on a personal level.”

What is the difference between a good broker and a bad broker?

“A good broker maintains the highest ethical standards and is someone that you would want in your company and as a friend. A bad broker only views the plane as a commission and is willing to bend ethics over getting the deal done.”