L’Voyage statement on corruption charges against former employees


L’Voyage, the Hong Kong-based business jet flight charter company, has released a statement following Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) charging two of the company’s former employees.

The ICAC alleges that during their time with L’Voyage, Leung Yuk-wing, former account manager, and Dominic TamShing-yan, former business development manager, accepted over HK $400,000 from an employee of Joy Jet, inreturn for ensuring that L’Voyage customers were booked on Joy Jet flights.

The ICAC formally charged the two former L’Voyage employees, along with the employee of Joy Jet ,with corruption charges on December 7, 2018.

In a statement on its website, the ICAC says that L’Voyage is fully cooperating with the ICAC in its investigation.

In a statement directly to Corporate Jet Investor, L’Voyage says that the ICAC investigation is into the personal conduct of itstwo former employees, not into the business ethics of the company itself.

“The recent news from ICAC relating to the conduct of two former employees of L’Voyage is deeply disappointing and contradicts the company’s code of conduct and ethics policy. We wish to underline the important fact that the investigation is related to the personal conduct of the two ex-employees and not on the business of L’Voyage Limited.”

“L’Voyage and the DGA group of companies has a zero-tolerance policy on conduct that could be in any way unlawful or unethical. We condemn any activity that knowingly supports or engages in unlawful or unethical conduct. In addition, we hold ourselves and our employees accountable to the highest standards of professional conduct and we strive to promote transparent business operations. Pending the result of the on-going investigation against these individuals, we take this opportunity to reassure our stakeholders of our on-going commitment to serve our customers, support our employees and uphold our code of conduct”