LunaJets Recognised Best Swiss Employer by Bilan


LunarJets are extremely happy and proud to have been rewarded “Best Employer 2018 in Switzerland” (category startups <50 employees) by the financial magazine Bilan, for its 10th edition of the best HR practices of the region.

Bilan’s survey was developed taking several key factors into consideration:

– Total compensation
– Health promotion policy
– Equality promotion
– Training and development
– Work-life balance organization
– Vacation and compensatory leave
– Mobility
– Social corporate responsibility
– Welfare, communication, motivation and involvement.

LunaJets provides employees with several advantages that have played an important role in granting us this
prize. Some of those advantages are progressive, whilst others could be described as exceptional.

Indeed, in addition to the possibility for each employee to benefit from flexible hours, in-house and external
training opportunities, supplementary accident insurance, they also have access to a massage therapist, a
spacious kitchen with fresh fruits, healthy snacks and cereal bars, and a fridge full of healthy food and smoothies.

Staff still in the office after 8pm are also offered free take-away meals at the local Italian restaurant.

Moreover, the LunaJets offices are 100% pet-friendly, and we occasionally welcome and enjoy the visit of employees’ fourlegged best friends – bed, toy and bowls always on stand-by.

One should also mention unconventional and much-appreciated amenities such as a restroom, and a fully
equipped gym allowing for exercise, cycling or yoga practice. A shower in the office lets the sportiest ones run or cycle to and from work. Without forgetting the unrestricted use of our LunaMobile© company pool car, the incredible winter ski retreat and the summer lake barbecue day and evening parties, during which our team
rekindles the family spirit of our company.

Being a great employer enables LunaJets to hire, train and retain the best and most motivated private jet advisers, whom are available 24/7 to charter your private jet flights at the best price on the market.

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