Klapmeier stepping down at Cirrus


The year is ending on a strong note – particularly with the entry into service of the Global 7500 yesterday – but business jet deliveries are going to be down this year compared to 2017. But without Dale Klapmeier they could have looked a lot worse.

More than 40 of his $1.96 million Cirrus VisionJets were delivered in the first nine months of this year and a few lucky owners will no doubt be getting one as their present next week.

This week he announced that he will be stepping down from the role of Cirrus CEO in the first half of 2019. He will stay on in a senior advisory role.

It takes a group to build a jet, but Dale Klapmeir deserves more credit than most. He and his brother Alan launched Cirrus in 1984 to make light aircraft. Since then Cirrus has delivered more than 7,000 aircraft. Alan left the company in 2009.

“What Cirrus has accomplished over the last 34 years is mind boggling considering the collective headwinds general aviation has suffered during that period of time.  He and his brother Alan created a new segment,” says Cyrus Sigari, president of JetAviva. “They implemented ground breaking manufacturing technology with composites and safety technology such as the certification and commercialization of the whole aircraft parachute system.”

The first Cirrus Jet was delivered in 2016 and won the Collier Trophy that year. 

“I feel strongly that Cirrus’s greatest contribution to the industry will come in the way of the most recently certified VisionJet.  While last to market in the wasteland of failed Very Light Jet segment, I feel strongly it will be the most successful in the long term and create the most amount of collective downstream value for the industry,” says Sigari.  “A tip of the cap to Dale – he made a big mark in this industry.”