Justin Scarborough joins Air Partner


Justin Scarborough

Justin Scarborough has joined Air Partner, the leading charter broker, as director of corporate development and investor relations.

Scarborough has more than 25 years’ financial markets and business analyst experience, principally as an equity research analyst covering consumer sectors.

He will be based at Air Partner’s London Gatwick headquarters.

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Mark Briffa, CEO of Air Partner said: “We are delighted Justin is joining Air Partner having already undertaken a period of consultancy for us. In 2011 we launched four strategic initiatives to drive additional growth and enhance diversification and profitability and these initiatives are now providing a healthy contribution to the group’s performance. Justin will play a key role within the Group as we assess new initiatives and opportunities, both within the broking industry and in complementary markets. Our strategy to leverage our global client base and local market presence will improve the quality of our financial performance, and consequently improve the returns we deliver for our owners.”


Corporate Jet Investor: What do you bring to the position?

Justin Scarborough: “In terms of Corporate Development I have spent many years as a research analyst, identifying strengths and weakness in companies and providing insights into how companies can improve their business models, there profitability, returns and cash flow. In addition, more recently, I have been providing consultancy services to corporates following direct requests from management, a picture that hopefully supports my capabilities.

So far as the Investor Relations role goes, I have spent more than 25 years communicating with Boards, senior management, investor relations personnel, sell-side analysts, buy-side analysts, fund managers and journalists. Hopefully these experiences will hold me in good stead over coming years.”

Corporate Jet Investor: How will you improve the company and how will you bring more investment into it?

Justin Scarborough: “I was attracted to Air Partner because I think it is unique among its peers. However, as we have also seen over recent times, there are threats as well as opportunities for the group. While I do not have an aviation background, I do have a broking background and I understand the importance of people, relationships and process. I will try to utilise my experience to see how we can become a better broker while at the same time, in such highly fragmented markets, we need to ensure that we are cognisant of both the threats as well as the opportunities and we need to ensure that we have a strategic plan to cover all bases and scenarios.”