Founded in 1988, IBA advises a broad mix of aviation focused operators, lessors, manufacturers, financiers and lawyers.  As the aviation adviser market matures, we have developed an unparalleled range of linked services that enable us to provide the best advice around every aspect of aviation assets: investment, finance, valuations, management, operations and maintenance.

Services include asset valuations, consulting technical and engine management, corporate aircraft management owners, industry and sector research and analysis, training and regulatory advice.

IBA is a member of ISTAT and employs Certified Appraisers, who are fully qualified and experienced to provide a wide range of valuation reports and studies.  With a wide range of in-house expertise, IBA can inspect all types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft at various stages in the asset cycle, from pre-purchase inspection, mid-lease review, to pre-return inspection, or as part of the due diligence process.  Click www.ibagroup.com for more info.