IAI considers closing plant that manufactures parts for executive jets, but committed to G280


G280 steep approaches

Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) is considering closing one of its plants that manufactures parts for executive jets but remains committed to building the Gulfstream G280.

The Beersheva plant, 100km south of Israel’s commercial capital Tel Aviv, produces parts for Gulfstream’s G280 twin-engine business jet. IAI builds the aircraft and then flies it to the US where the interior is completed by Gulfstream.

The report, in the Israeli Globes publication, says that IAI is considering closing the plant as part of its restructuring process.

IAI announced in 2017 that it would combine all of its aviation business into one company, in an effort to cut costs.

As well as building the Gulfstream G280 on behalf of Gulfstream, IAI also produces seats for civil and military helicopters, and coverts selected Boeing aircraft from passenger configurations into pure freighter aircraft.

On the military side IAI converts Gulfstream G550 business jets from standard usage into Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C). The converted aircraft are currently on active serve in Singapore and Israel.

The Globes article says that the company had previously been considering completely closing its executive jet division, following heavy losses attributed to the 2008 global economic crisis.

In a statement issued to Corporate Jet Investor, the company said “IAI would like to clarify that it is fully committed to its partnership with Gulfstream and to the G-280 project. The company does not and never did consider discontinuing the production of the G280. IAI will continue to fulfill its part in the collaboration in the best way possible.”

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