HAITEC gains Gulfstream G650 approval



HAITEC Aircraft Maintenance GmbH has been granted approvals to perform Part 145 line maintenance on Gulfstream G650 business jets.

HAITEC already holds approvals from civil aviation organisations of Russia, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Bermuda and the FAA for Airbus, Boeing and Gulfstream aircraft.

Frank Rott, CEO of HAITEC: “Besides Line Maintenance for G650s, our Erfurt subsidiary HAITEC VIP Maintenance is now also capable of offering cleaning and storage for such jets in the heart of Germany. This new capability brings an added level of convenience to G650 operators in Europe as the number of maintenance providers with that approval is limited.”

In 2014, HAITEC announced a €30 million expansion programme over the following three years.

The programme includes the establishment of HAITEC VIP Aircraft Maintenance in Erfurt, the acquisition of the existing hangar at Hahn Airport, and purchase of the surrounding property for the construction of a second maintenance facility adjacent to the current facility.

“We continue to widen our span of MRO services HAITEC can offer to commercial and VIP customers. In late summer, we are also expecting to receive our Gulfstream G650 approval for base maintenance. Our steady growth also puts us in a privileged position to offer new employment opportunities to qualified international aviation professionals in Erfurt and Hahn,” added Rott.