Gulfstream to end G450 production


Gulfstream will end G450 production, with the final customer delivery expected early in 2018.

The Savannah-based manufacturer will instead focus on the G500, with the first customer delivery of Gulfstream’s new $42 million jet expected around the same time as the final G450 delivery.

“The GIV and G450 ushered in a business aviation renaissance that has led to increased safety, greater reliability, better technology and improved performance,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “It’s fitting that the G500 will replace the G450 and build upon its performance legacy, creating another industry game-changer from Gulfstream.”

Introduced in 2004 as the successor to the 500+ selling Gulfstream IV range, the G450 has currently seen 350 deliveries. The highest serial number that Gulfstream has submitted to the FAA to have a test registration is (4)370.

“At Gulfstream, we have a long history of delivering on our promises. We are highly pleased with the progress of the G500 as it makes great strides in the flight-test program and moves steadily toward certification and entry into service,” said Burns. “This transition is an important milestone in Gulfstream’s history of taking business aviation to new heights.”

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