Gulfstream G650 claims another city-pair record


Gulfstream G650 flying

The Gulfstream G650 claims Hawaii to Singapore city-pair record.
Gulfstream G650 flying

Gulfstream G650 flying.

Gulfstream’s G650 arrived at the Singapore Airshow for the first time this year, setting a new city-pair record between Hawaii and Singapore.

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“I can think of no better way for the G650 to make its Singapore Airshow debut than to land after setting a speed record that demonstrates its flexibility and capability for our customers around the world, particularly Asia,” said Scott Neal, senior vice president, worldwide sales and marketing, Gulfstream. “This record, like the 38 others before it, reflects the G650’s significant speed and range.”

The high-speed G650 took off from the Honolulu International Airport at 9:33 am local time on 7 February with five crew members and two passengers on board. It flew 5,909 nautical miles/10,943 kilometers at an average speed of Mach 0.85, arriving at Singapore’s Changi International Airport 14 hours and six minutes later.

“The G650’s speed and range truly make it a time machine for our operators, saving them considerable time as they travel around the world,” said Neal. “That is one of the top features of the G650, but it’s not the only one. In addition to getting there faster, operators can do so much more in the cabin, whether it’s conducting a conference call, sending an email or just relaxing in preparation for their arrival.”

The G650 entered service on 20 December 2012. Since then, Gulfstream has delivered more than 50 G650 aircraft to customers. The G650 fleet has more than 14,000 flight hours and over 6,600 landings.

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