Four Seasons offers Boeing 757 private jet journeys

Four Seasons private jet

Four Seasons now owns its own Boeing 757 private jet.

High-net-worth individuals will be able to charter the Four Seasons private jet for around $2 million.
Four Seasons private jet

Four Seasons now owns its own Boeing 757 private jet.

Four Seasons, the international five-star hotel chain, is offering round-the-world trips on a VIP-configured Boeing 757 private jet.

The company’s privately-owned corporate airliner will take groups of 52 passengers on a choice of three holiday packages, with the first trip leaving Los Angeles in February 2015 and taking passengers to nine destinations in 24 days.

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The aircraft will come fitted with a luxury interior, including features such as handcrafted leather flatbed seats, Wi-Fi internet and a kitchen preparing locally-sourced food.

High-net-worth individuals will also be able to charter the aircraft privately, but will also have to book into a Four Seasons hotel as part of the deal. For a 10-day trip, it will cost around $2 million to charter the aircraft, according to CNBC’s Robert Frank.

“Taking our legendary service to the skies is a natural extension of what we’ve been doing in our hotels for more than 50 years,” said Susan Helstab, executive vice president marketing, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

“The Four Seasons Jet showcases the unforgettable people and experiences that make Four Seasons unique. It speaks to our pioneering spirit and the aspirations of today’s modern luxury traveller in an imaginative new way,” added Helstab.

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Four Seasons has already offered round-the-world trips by private jet for the past two years, but this is the first time that the hotel chain has offered its own customised private jet.

Corporate Jet Investor says: Four Seasons is not the first company to offer a global private jet tour; in November we wrote about FlexJet and Abercrombie & Kent’s two-week trip on a Challenger 605 jet. Although this segment of the luxury travel market is growing fast, there will be no shortage of aviation professionals who feel that these packages undermine their efforts to promote private jets as business tools, rather than luxury toys for the super-rich.