Four new vendors take the RocketRoute to market


Air BP RocketRoute fuel app

RocketRoute has welcomed Air Culinaire Worldwide, Astra Aviation, Universal Private Transport and Osprey Flight Solutions to its online MarketPlace.

Launched last year, the MarketPlace includes 856 fuel locations, 24,902 handler and FBO locations, 10,000 transport locations, 1,400 catering locations, security briefings for more than 20,000 airports, and permits for 58 countries. It is now being expanded to include any category of vendor that would like to join. RocketRoute says it wants the resource to be “relevant for the entire industry and for every general aviation flight running in the world”.

RocketRoute is an aviation services company offering smart technology for flight planning, marketplace and concierge services. It has processed more than a million flights and has more than 100,000 registered users flying worldwide.

Steve Woods, VP sales and vendor relations, said: “I am delighted that the MarketPlace is being endorsed by leading vendors across the industry – this is a great validation of our open strategy and approach to the industry. We are making it easier and easier for customers to connect directly with their preferred suppliers, order services and simplify their operations.”