Flying to Dubai by private jet: Five business aviation airports


Dassault Falcon 7X

Dubai World Central will become Dubai’s main business aviation hub from May 2014, but Dubai International and Sharjah are both more central for people flying to Dubai by private jet.
A Dassault Falcon 7X flying to Dubai by private jet

Private jets are able to land at five airports within 125 km of Dubai’s financial centre (Photo: Dassault).

From May 2014, all private jets, helicopters and any other business aircraft arriving into Dubai will no longer be able to land at Dubai International Airport.

The runways at Dubai International will be subject to closures lasting for almost three months to allow essential engineering works at the airport. As a result, all general aviation flights will be encouraged to divert to have to land at Dubai World Central Airport (Al Maktoum International) instead.

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Already home to three FBOs, Dubai World Central further linked itself to business aviation last year by hosting around 50 business aircraft on the static display at Dubai Airshow 2013. However, it is located 50 km from Dubai’s International Finance Centre, which is more than twice the distance than it is from Dubai World Central.

Below, we will take a look at the different options for where to land – and park – your business aircraft when travelling to Dubai.

What airport is the closest to Dubai’s financial centre?

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Dubai International Airport

Airport codes: DXB/OMDB
Distance to Dubai IFC:
20 km
Companies: ExecuJet Middle East, Executive Flight Services, Jet Aviation Dubai, Aerogulf Services

Although Dubai International Airport is located just outside of the city’s financial district, there is one major problem: from May 2014, no business aircraft will be able to land at the airport for at least 80 days due to runway closures, with the airport also confirming that no “ad hoc and charter operators are not permitted” from 27 October 2007. Despite its move away from business aviation, Dubai International should overtake London Heathrow by 2015 as the world’s busiest airport.

Both Execujet and Jet Aviation have begun operations at Dubai World Central, but it is not yet clear whether they will be forced to move out of Dubai International. A report from AIN suggests that between 70-75 per cent of business aviation activity will shift over to Dubai World Central in the next year or so.

Sharjah International Airport

Airport codes: SHJ/OMSJJ
Distance to Dubai IFC:
40 km
Companies: Gama Aviation, Gama Aviation Services

Gama Aviation opened a brand new FBO at Sharjah International Airport in January 2012 and remains the sole business aviation presence in the airport. Although Sharjah is a separate emirate from Dubai, the airport is a 20 minute from drive from downtown Dubai and 40 km from the International Finance Centre.

Dubai World Central – Al Maktoum International Airport

Airport codes: DWC/OMDW
Distance to Dubai IFC:
50 km
Companies: DC Aviation-Al Futtaim, ExecuJet, Jet Aviation, Jetex Flight Support, Aerogulf Services

Jetex Flight Support opened a full-service FBO for business aircraft Dubai World Central in November 2013 and said that it would handle around 3,500 aircraft movements in 2014. Jetex is currently sharing a temporary facility with ExecuJet and Jet Aviation (which also expanded its services in November 2013), but all three companies are planning to move to a much larger facility at Dubai World Central in the future.

The first FBO at the airport was opening by DC Aviation-Al Futtaim, a joint venture between Germany’s DC Aviation, and Al-Futtaim in Dubai. The airport is also home to Aerogulf Services, a maintenance company and charter operator, and  Vertis Aviation, which offer long-range private jet charter.

Ras al-Khaimah International Airport

Airport codes: RKT/OMRK
Distance to Dubai IFC:
110 km
Companies: No FBO

Located in the most northern part of the UAE, the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah is home to an international airport, which includes a 60-passenger VIP terminal.

The airport is serviced by Dana Executive Jets, a private jet charter and aircraft management company, which is wholly owned by the Government of Ras al-Khaimah; Ramjet, which provides a range of services, including fuel, ground handling and charter; and Eastern SkyJets, a charter operator based in Dubai.

Fujairah International Airport

Airport codes: FJR/OMFJ
Distance to Dubai IFC:
125 km
Companies: Aurora Aviation, Skyone Maintenance Services

Although located quite a distance from Dubai’s financial centre, Fujairah is still frequented by business aircraft passengers wanting to reach Dubai, with a relatively new highway connecting the two emirates.

The airport began handling business aircraft in 2012, appointing Aurora Aviation run the facility’s FBO in partnership with the airport.


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