Dassault expects Falcon 5X fuselage assembly in April 2014


Dassault Falcon 5X private jet in flight

Dassault is aiming to complete the prototype Falcon 5X fuselage by the end of April 2014.
Dassault Falcon 5X flying

A Dassault Falcon 5X private jet in flight.

Dassault is targeting the end of April 2014 for the prototype fuselage assembly of its new $45 million Falcon 5X twinjet, with vertical assembly of the first fuselage assembly to be completed mid-February.

Announced at the NBAA 2013 conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, the Falcon 5X is arguably one of the most eagerly anticipated new aircraft models currently in development.

Under the code name SMS, the Falcon 5X started in life in Dassault’s St Cloud design studios in 2006 during the boom time for private jets. The project remained tightly under wrap until the French airframer felt confident enough that a recovery was underway to officially announce the new aircraft.

Going somewhat against expectations by not being a direct replacement for the 500+ selling Falcon 2000 family, the Falcon 5X is a large cabin private jet that can travel 5,200 nm (9,630 km) with eight passengers and three crew members, although the normal configuration will see the aircraft carry 16 passengers.

The aircraft features an innovative ‘skylight’ in the cabin roof that allows more natural light into the cabin and will be powered by twin Snecma Silvercrest engines, each capable of producing 11,450 lb thrust. Together, the engines will power the Falcon 5X to a maximum speed of Mach .90, although cruise speed is pegged at Mach .80 to help increase efficiency and range.

As Corporate Jet Investor reported in November, the first ‘virtual’ flight of the Facon 5X has already taken place in an advanced simulator at Dassault’s St Cloud headquarters, with the simulated aircraft’s behavior said to be “extremely sound and responsive.”

Due for first flight in 2015 and entry into service in 2017, the Falcon 5X could be facing new competition later this year as Gulfstream is rumored to be announcing is follow up to the 350+ selling G450, under the project code name ‘P42.’

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