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Business jet brokers networking at a Corporate Jet Investor conference.

Business jet brokers specialise in the buying and selling of aircraft. A good broker will help their client choose the right aircraft, while preparing them for any future costs.

Aircraft brokerages can vary between one person with a mobile phone and a website, to large groups with staff all around the world.

No one really knows how many aircraft brokers there are. New brokerages are set up regularly and others cease trading or change names. Some estimate there are as many as 16,000 active business jet brokers, others believe there could be many more.

Buyers will always face a range of different models and a good broker can help them identify the most suitable types, and then help them choose the right individual aircraft by analysing and forecasting issues like maintenance and operating costs.

Business jet broker profiles

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Asia and Middle-East

Asian Sky Group
Jeffrey Lowe

Global Aviation Asia
Candy Chung

Project Phoenix and Jetcraft
Mike Cappuccitti


Boutsen Aviation
Thierry Boutsen
Dominique Trinquet

Colibri Aircraft
Oliver Stone

Alireza Ittihadieh

Jahid Fahid-Karim

JetBrokers Europe
Brendan Lodge

The Jet Business
Steve Varsano

North America

Charlie Bravo Aviation
René Banglesdorf
Rex McGreevy

Dallas Jet International
Brad Harris

J. Mesinger Corporate Jet Sales
Jay Mesinger

Chad Anderson

JetBrokers, Inc.
Tom Crowell, Jr.
Jeremy R.C. Cox

Par Avion
Janine Iannerelli