Falcon 7X VP-BZE jumps chocks and crashes into building


Strong winds on the Mediterranean island of Malta caused a Dassault Falcon 7X to jump its chocks on 27 December 2017 and roll from its parking position into a nearby building.

Images from social media show the nose of the 2008-build Falcon 7X, MSN 14/VP-BZE, stuck inside a small building.

According to local reports, both the aircraft and the building were empty at the time of the incident.

A video posted on the Malta Today website shows that the aircraft rolled through a fence and across a small road, before becoming embedded in a small building.

In a statement, the Malta International Airport said it had immediately attended the scene to ensure the safety of the airport, confirming later that the incident appeared to have been caused by strong winds.

Falcon 7X VP-BZE is owned by Michael Ashcroft, a Belize-born British former politician and businessman. The “BZE” in the aircraft registration is short for Belize.

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