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Founded by Sergey Petrossov in Florida during 2012, JetSmarter is an online private jet members club that gives members free seats on their JetShuttle flights, as well as discounts on private jet charters.

JetSmarter operates three different types of flights for its members:

The first is regular charter. JetSmarter has agreements in place with a number of operators that can give cheaper rates to its members. Once booking a flight you also have the option of making some of the money back by offering seats on the flight for a fee to other JetSmarter members.

The second are empty legs. An empty leg happens when an aircraft needs to position from one place to another place to operate its next flight. Often the aircraft will position empty between locations, and JetSmarter members have the option of booking seats on these flights for free.

The main part however are the JetShuttle flights, which members can always book for free. JetShuttle flights operate from many major cities in the US as well as several in Europe and the Middle East. In the US can can fly from coast-to-coast for free once you are a member, as well as many other routes. In Europe members can fly from London to other major European cities, including Zurich, Paris and Munich.

When a member joins JetSmarter they are given two JetShuttle tokens that they can exchange for a seat on a flight. By giving members two tokens it ensures fairness across the network as members aren’t able to book out seats on flights that they may not take.

As well as normal JetShuttle flights the company operates Intercontinental JetShuttle flights as well. Current there are only two of these operated, however the company is looking at adding more.

These flights incur an additional fee, based on the fact that you are flying a much further distance. The two flights currently offered are between New York and London, and London and Dubai. Members do have to exchange one of their tokens for a seat on one of these flights, as well as a fee ranging from $1,450 for a seat between London and Dubai, and $2,200 for Dubai to London.

To join JetSmarter it costs $15,000 for the first year. That includes an annual fee of $11,000, as well as an initial joining fee of $4,000.

In February 2017 JetSmarter introduced a new lower membership level called a ‘Founders’ membership. For this you only get given one JetShuttle token.

During 2016 the company became one of the first business aviation ‘unicorns’, which is a company that is valued at more that $1 billion. JetSmarter have grown quickly thanks to several high profile investors, including US rapper Jay-Z, and the Saudi royal family.

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