Embraer may postpone deliveries due to strike


Striking workers blocking the doors at Embraer’s Sao Jose dos Campos metalworking facility are stopping Embraer from performing “critical operations”‘ such as processing bills and delivering aircraft, according to a statement from Embraer.

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The strike, originally declared to last an “indefinite” period of time, saw operations halt at Embraer’s main production plant on Wednesday 5 November when 2,000 workers put down their tools. By the next day, the total number of strikers had reached 10,000, over 75 per cent of Embraer’s 13,000 total workforce.

With inflation in Brazil running at 6.5 percent, the strikers are demanding a pay increase of 10 per cent.

Embraer made an offer to increase workers’ salaries by 7.4 per cent, although the worker’s union had already stated that 7.4 per cent would not be enough.

“The practice of blocking people’s access at the workplace has impacted critical operations of the company, such as delivery of airplanes,” Embraer said in a statement. “The potential damage not only negatively affects the company, but its customers, suppliers and employees.”

Brazilian presidential elections were held during October, with the country re-electing Dilma Rousseff of the Workers’ Party to office for a second term.

Political instability in the country running up to the elections was blamed by Embraer for decreasing local sales of its aircraft during the year.

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