Embraer delivers first Phenom 100 EV


Phenom 100 Entry Level Private Jet

Embraer has delivered the first of its new Phenom 100 EV business jets. The aircraft was delivered to an unidentified US customer.

The Phenom 100 EV is the second update of the original Phenom 100 that Embraer introduced in 2008.

“The Phenom 100 set new industry standards when it arrived in 2008, raising customers’ expectations of an entry-level business jet,” said Michael Amalfitano, Embraer Executive Jets. “The evolution of our first clean-sheet-design jet reflects our commitment to listen to customers and to continue to deliver revolutionary aircraft with superior value to the market.”

The Phenom 100 EV includes the Prodigy Touch avionics suite that was originally used on the larger Phenom 300. The Prodigy Touch is built on the Garmin G3000 system.

Upgraded engines are also included, with the additional 35 lbf from each engine giving the the Phenom a slightly higher top speed and reducing the takeoff distance.

Embraer said in 2016 that the $4.495 million Phenom 100 EVs launch customers would be Across Jet of Mexico, and the Emirates Academy.

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