Eclipse renames Project Canada as Eclipse 700


The Eclipse 550 upgrade codenamed Project Canada has officially been named as the Eclipse 700.

ONE Aviation’s chairman Alan Klapmeier made the announcement during the company’s EAA AirVenture press conference.

Based on the Eclipse 550, the Eclipse 700 includes aerodynamic enhancements, a lengthened fuselage, as well as a longer wingspan.

By adding a new section at the wing root, ONE Aviation was able to increase the wing area of the Eclipse 700 by 13%, allowing an additional 27% fuel to be loaded. Despite the extra wingspan the aircraft retains similar approach, landing and takeoff speeds similar to the Eclipse 550.

Other visible differences include removing the tip tanks of the wings and replacing them with wing root extensions, as well a larger horizontal tail.

The fuselage has been extended by 10%, giving the aircraft an increased cabin volume of 7%, and increasing the baggage capacity by 31%.

ONE Aviation also changed the engines. Although they were originally due to use a pair of Pratt & Whitney PW615s, the company chose instead to use Williams FJ33-5A-12s engines, derated from 1,900lbf, to just over 1,200lbf.

By increasing the aerodynamics and adding new engines the Eclipse 700 has a maximum cruise range of 1,470 nm, which is 27% higher than the Eclipse 550.

ONE Aviation say that the $3.6 million Eclipse 700 could be certificated in the first half of 2019.