EBACE 2019 – No (big) news is good news


The big news story of EBACE was that there were no big stories. Lots of smaller announcements and news stories but no big surprises.

While this may be frustrating for local smoke machine and mirror ball companies, who love nothing more than turning a hangar into a discotheque, the truth is that this is actually pretty positive.

First, if you really must have the latest model, there are lots of new aircraft available. From the Cirrus VisionJet G2 to the Praetors, the Global 5500 and 6500, the Gulfstream G600, the newly arrived Global 7500, the Neos and the MAX – there are new types in every class.

Existing owners and financiers had a relaxing few days without having to worry about how new models will affect future values.

Overall, the mood was positive (it is amazing what champagne and margaritas – the drink of EBACE 2019 – can do). The event was well attended and as always beautifully organised.

It is also just a small break in the news cycle before another raft of new models are announced. All of the OEMs are working hard on new projects. They just do not want to talk about them today. Launching aircraft is all about smoke and mirrors after all.