EASA certificates Challenger 350


A Challenger 350 private jet

Bombardier’s Challenger 350 business jet has been certificated by EASA.
A Challenger 350 private jet

A Challenger 350 private jet.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has certificated the Challenger 350, allowing Bombardier to begin delivering aircraft to European customers.

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European certification follows on from US FAA certification received on 25 June 2014.

“Our Challenger 350 aircraft successfully entered into service this past June and made its European debut at the Farnborough airshow in July,” Éric Martel, president of Bombardier Business Aircraft. “With certification now in-hand, we are eager to start delivering EASA-registered units to our customers. We have very strong demand for this aircraft and customers who are already operating it are delighted with its increased performance and new cabin design.”

The $25.9 Challenger 350 is a follow up the the 450+ selling Challenger 300 that first entered service in 2003.

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