Display of Marc Quinn artwork at TAG Farnborough


Marc Quinn art at TAG Farnborough

Customers of TAG Farnborough Airport can now enjoy an exclusive display of work by leading British contemporary artist Marc Quinn, which are on loan from the world-renowned Deutsche Bank Collection.

The series of five works, entitled Through Eye of History, is on view at the airport’s terminal until early next year.

Assembled by Tatiana Ojjeh, founder of ARTLINER: Art & Aviation, and on loan to the airport courtesy of Deutsche Bank Art, Culture and Sports, the collection presents images of the world map from various perspectives over images of the human eye.

“I am delighted to share this outstanding collection with new audiences beyond traditional museums and galleries and am confident that the airport’s customers will enjoy this unique experience,” said Ojjeh.

“This visually stunning collection is a welcome addition to our award-winning main terminal and following the success of our earlier exhibition of Damien Hirst artwork is the latest example of our ongoing commitment to creating a unique and bespoke customer experience at the airport,” added TAG Farnborough Airport CEO Brandon O’Reilly.

“The work of Marc Quinn is truly inspiring and we are delighted to present these works from the Deutsche Bank Collection to TAG Farnborough. This initiative is part of our aim to provide clients, staff and the general public with platforms to interact and experience aspects of today’s art, culture and sports,” said Thorsten Strauss, global head of art, culture and sports at Deutsche Bank.

“Art, wealth management and even our private jet financing capabilities resonate with many of our clients and other travellers. Our collaboration with Tatiana, Artliner and TAG Farnborough will further enhance the quality of their experience while they are transiting through the airport. Hopefully, the artworks on display will add happiness and serenity to their journey,” said Salman Mahdi, global vice chairman of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management.