Data Dashboard: November 2017


Although November is a typically slow month for business aviation, it has been another positive month for the industry, with a YoY growth rate showing a good sign of market recovery.


November was another strong month for business aviation throughout Europe, with 6.1% YoY growth. The UK (8.7%), Spain (13.0%) and Switzerland (8.7%) saw particularly strong growth in November.

Credit: WingX – Advance

Rome (-5.1%), Vienna (-3.2%) and Munich (-3.4%) all saw negative YoY growth.

Sixty one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven departures throughout the month made it the busiest November since 2011, although traffic figures are still 10.5% down from 2007. However, this is an encouraging sign that the market is still continuing to recover.

United States:

The US saw slightly weaker YoY growth than Europe, posting 4.8% growth compared to November 2016.

Credit: ARGUS

All aircraft categories saw modest growth, with large cabin aircraft seeing the largest increase of 6.6%, despite a -4.7% drop in the factional use of large jets.

Credit: ARGUS

Month on month (MoM) data painted a slightly different picture, with all activity seeing a slight drop-off from October. Turboprops saw the largest decrease in activity, posting -5.2% MoM overall, mostly caused by a -7.5% reduction in fractional turboprop operations. Large jets saw the lowest decline of -4.0%.

Credit: ARGUS

A breakdown by region shows that the Southern states are still dominating in terms of departures, followed by the FarWest, the SouthWest, the Great Lakes and Northern Plains, as well as the MidEast – all of which are seeing departures between 30,000 and 35,000.

December prediction:

Argus analysts have estimated that there will be a 5.6% YoY increase in flight activity in December 2017, with December 22nd coined to be the busiest day in the run up to Christmas.


Credit: ARGUS

Looking further into the future, ARGUS analysts predict that Q1 2018 will see consistent levels of growth of around 5%.

Credit: ARGUS