Dassault Falcon celebrates 50 years with formation flight video


Dassault's family of Falcon business jets.

Dassault celebrates 50 years of Falcon with a stunning, snowy flight video.

Dassault has shared a video of a four Falcon aircraft flying in formation to tie-in with the 50th anniversary of Dassault Falcon Jet.

The short video features a Falcon 2000S, a 900LX and a 7X flying alongside a Dassault Aviation Rafale fighter jet over a stunning snow-capped mountain range in Europe.

“We proudly celebrate our first 50 years and look forward with eager anticipation to the next 50,” said Dassault.

Dassault Aviation produced designs for its first business jet – the twin-engine Méditerranée – in 1954, but after scraping the the plans, which were deemed too costly by the company, it was not until 1963 that the prototype for the iconic Mystère 20 business jet finally emerged.

Some 500 units were built by Dassault and around 50 were ordered by PanAm, based almost entirely on the guidance of Charles Lindbergh, a famous US aviator.

Today, Dassault is known for its range of mid-to-large-sized Falcon jets. The company is currently developing the eagerly-awaited Falcon 5X, scheduled for delivery in 2017.