Daher-Socata sells a TBM 900 at EBACE 2014


Johannes Graf von Schaesberg, CEO of RAS (left) with Jochen Schmidt, chairman of Badenwings (middle) and Nicolas Chabbert of DAHER-SOCATA (right) at EBACE 2014

French-based manufacturer DAHER-SOCATA sells a TBM 900 turboprop at EBACE 2014 to Badenwings in Germany.

Badenwings, a corporate aircraft operator in Germany, placed an order last week at EBACE 2014 in Geneva for a TBM 900 turboprop from Daher-Socata.

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Badenwings, based at Baden-Baden airport in Germany, is a subsidiary of Jochen Schmitt Holding AG. This is the first TBM 900 sold to a final customer in Europe and the first to be sold by Rheinland Air Service (RAS), Daher-Socata’s TBM distributor for Germany and Austria.

Nielsen Bott, CEO of Badenwings, said: “We selected the new TBM 900 for its flexibility to carry small freight as well as passengers on private internal flights of our holding company. As a second step, we plan to apply for an Aircraft Operator Certificate to offer commercial service to external passengers when European Authority will allow single-engine turbine commercial operations in instrument meteorological conditions.”

It is fast, comfortable and offers an excellent range, as well as the capability to land on short runways. Being in the quiet category enables us to operate from airports without paying high landing fees, and during nighttime hours at airports with curfews such as Stuttgart,” added Bott.

Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice president of the Daher-Socata airplane business unit said: “We are thankful to Badenwings in selecting the TBM 900 for their corporate transportation needs. Its choice proves we made the right decision in developing and launching the TBM 900. We also congratulate RAS, our distributor for Germany and Austria in its first sale of a TBM 900 in Europe.”

More than 660 TBM aircraft have been built and delivered to 35 countries to date.