DAHER-SOCATA displays the new TBM 900 at the Cannes Air Show


DAHER-SOCATA TBM 900 debuts at the Cannes Air Show 2014

DAHER-SOCATA showcases the new TBM 900 turboprop at the , the aircraft’s debut in a tradeshow in France.
DAHER-SOCATA TBM 900 debuts at the Cannes Air Show 2014

Daher-Socata’s TBM 900 debuts at the Cannes Air Show 2014.

The Daher-Socata TBM 900 is being displayed at the Cannes Air Show on the French Riviera for the first time.

The aircraft launched in March 2014 at the Daher-Socata factory in Tarbes, France. The company currently has 47 aircraft on order and completed 15 deliveries up to the end of May.

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Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice president of Daher-Socata’s airplane business unit, says: “Cannes Airshow brings together hundreds of aviation enthusiasts from all over Europe, especially from France, Italy and Switzerland. We are glad to present the TBM 900 to the market and get the public to discover many improvements in performance, eco-efficiency and comfort.”

“The low noise level places the TBM 900 in the ‘quiet’ category, which is definitely key to access some sensitive airports, such as Cannes.” Chabbert adds.

Daher-Socata is the aerospace and defense division of the DAHER Group.