CJI podcast special – Avinode


During NBAA-BACE 2017 CJI spent some time with the Avinode team talking about the current state of the market and how technology is changing business aviation for the better.

As the premier private jet booking marketplace in the world, Avinode is ideally placed to have an overview on the whole market.

Avinode has seen an increase in charter requests, saying that, in July and August 2017, 625,000 charter requests went through its systems.

Later on, the conversation turns to pricing, with co-founder Per Marthinsson saying that this has begun to stabilise in both the US and Europe, although he sees a clear distinction between the two regions where the US brokers are prepared to discount prices but their counterparts in Europe are not.

“In the past operators might have dropped their prices too much. It is an interesting contrast between Europe and the US. An American broker will say, ‘Here in the US I can haggle the price down to the last $125. If I try that in Europe the operator will hang up on me’,” says Marthinsson.

Also up for conversation is how technology will change the industry. Acting CEO Oliver King leads this section, by first talking about how many different systems Avinode links into every day, and by saying that every year technology gets more sophisticated as well as cheaper.

You can listen to the full conversation by clicking on the link below.

The podcast was produced with the cooperation of Avinode. You can find out more about the company by visiting their website: www.avinode.com