Cessna reaffirms Silvercrest commitment to power Hemisphere


Image courtesy of cessna.txtav.com

Cessna says that it remains committed to the Silvercrest engine, following Dassault’s recent decision to cancel the Falcon 5X because of engine issues.

Dassault took the decision following a series of delays that would have put back delivery of the first Falcon 5X by more than three years.

In a statement to Corporate Jet Investor, Cessna said: “Textron Aviation remains committed to the Safran Silvercrest engine for the Citation Hemisphere. As we currently understand it, the latest Silvercrest status does not significantly impact engine deliveries for the Hemisphere programme. We will continue to stay closely aligned on their progress and how it may affect the Hemisphere’s development timeline.”

Cessna chose the Silvercrest engines to power its upcoming Citation Hemisphere. The Wichita-based manufacturer had previously chosen the Silvercrest engines for its Citation Longitude, but switched to Honeywell power plants during a redesign.

Cessna launched the Hemisphere during the 2015 NBAA. The largest Citation to date, the Hemisphere will be able to carry up to 12 passengers as far as 4,500nm. The first flight is due to take place in 2019.