Cessna delivers first Mexican Latitude


Textron Aviation division Cessna has delivered a Citation Latitude to a Mexican customer for the first time.

The aircraft will operate on the air taxi certificate of locally authorized Cessna dealer Avemex, who will manage the aircraft on behalf of an unnamed owner.

That owner says they will use the aircraft on missions around Mexico and North America.

“The Latitude has experienced an outstanding market reception with 23 aircraft delivered to customers around the world in its first seven months, more than any other in its class, and we are excited to bring it to our customers in Mexico,” said Bob Gibbs, regional vice president of Sales for Latin America and Caribbean. “The aircraft is ideally suited for the region with its ability to operate out of high elevation airports such as those found throughout Mexico, including the Toluca Airport. This is one of the most popular executive airports in the country with strict hot / high limitations, and the standard–equipped Latitude can meet the performance requirements with ease.”

Avemex have been an authorised Citation dealership for 25 years, and currently operate a Citation XLS.

“The Latitude’s class-leading combination of cabin space, range and acquisition cost, along with unparalleled support from both Cessna and our local channel partner Avemex, cemented the aircraft as the clear winner for this customer,” added Gibbs.

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