Centreline Air Charter enjoys busiest year


Phil Brockwell, CEO of Bristol Flying Centre Group.

Centreline Air Charter, an aircraft management and charter company in the UK, saw the most profitable 12 months in the company’s history between January 2014 and January 2015, seeing an increase of almost 100 per cent.

Centreline Air Charter is a subsidiary of Bristol Flying Centre Group, which has grown by 40 per cent over the past six years to become a leading operator of Cessna Citation business jets in the UK.

The company plans to add different aircraft types to its fleet and is reviewing ways to grow its business further, which could mean creating alliances or merging with other companies.

Phil Brockwell, CEO of the Bristol Flying Centre Group, said: “We have succeeded in managing our fleet effectively and have achieved almost maximum efficiency in our aircraft utilisation through early adoption of new technology, which has enabled us to offer value to both owners and charter clients. There has also been a decrease in light aircraft fleet size in the UK which has added to the demand for our product.”

“To take our business to the next level we have targeted the management of larger aircraft types and this is looking extremely positive,” Brockwell added.

“The Board of Bristol Flying Centre and Centreline Air Charter recognises that one of the directions in which to take the business, to achieve the kind of growth we foresee, may be to create partnerships with companies that fit well with our current structure and operation. We continue to keep an open mind and investigate possibilities whilst building the business through aircraft management and charter.”