Beijing Red Cross EMC orders a Falcon 2000LX


Paris Le Bourget Air show 2015. 16 juin 2015

Beijing Red Cross Emergency Medical Center (999) has ordered a Dassault Falcon 2000LX for use as an Air Ambulance.

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The aircraft will be fitted with a full medevac mission kit by Dassault Aircraft Service in Wilmington, Delaware, and will be delivered in September 2015.

“There are few aircraft platforms in the world capable of handling the demanding requirements 999 set for this medevac aircraft,” said Olivier Villa, senior vice president civil aircraft, Dassault Aviation. “Specifications included a robust and reliable platform suitable for all types of medevac missions, including treatment of the Ebola virus; the ability to access difficult airfields like Lhasa, located 12,000 feet above sea level; and an air circulation system capable of providing ultra fresh cabin air for in-flight surgery and patient care. The Falcon 2000LX met them all.”