Beechcraft announces upgrades on King Air C90GTx


Beechcraft King Air C90GTx with Hartzell propellers.

Beechcraft Corporation will offer new standard features on the Beechcraft King Air C90GTx that deliver shorter take-off and landing distances from October.

Christi Tannahill, senior vice president, Turboprop Aircraft, says: “This is the latest in a long series of continuous enhancements we have introduced to the King Air 90 series. The new Beechcraft King Air C90GTx looks stunning on the ramp and performs like no other. The most significant of the changes is shortening the takeoff distance by nearly 600 feet (182 meters), opening up more airports and getting our owners closer to their final destination.”

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The King Air C90GTx now features the Hartzell swept blade turbofan propeller with a 30-degree blade sweep. The propeller provides more takeoff and climb thrust with less noise in the cockpit.

The aircraft’s takeoff distance was reduced by 23 per cent, from 2,575 ft to 1,984 ft. While slower approach speeds provide 10 percent shorter landing distances over a 50 ft obstacle from 2,400 ft to 2,160 ft.