Avinode launch Marketplace iPhone app


Avinode has released an iPhone application that connects to the company’s private jet charter Marketplace.

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The first version of the application allows users to connect to the Avinode Marketplace to check on the status of their clients trips. A later version, due towards the end of 2015, will enable users to modify and respond to quote requests.

Avinode say that once work on the iPhone version is completed, they will work on an Android version.

“More than 80% of the European charter market already uses Avinode’s Marketplace.” says Oliver King, Avinode’s managing director, “The goal with this app, our ‘pocket-sized Marketplace’, is to allow brokers and operators to manage their business 24/7, servicing trips, taking care of their end client and managing quote requests whilst on the move. Our long-term goal is to put all the functions that a user needs to manage their business remotely onto the app, so they can work on any mobile device or tablet, wherever they are.”

As well as working on an mobile applications, the company has also refreshed the Avinode Marketplace interface, ensuring its compatibility across different devices, including tablets.

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