Asset Insight launches business aviation’s most advanced aircraft valuation tool


Asset Insight launched its new eValuesTM web-based system, that allows users to instantly obtain their aircraft’s Current Market Value and estimated Residual Value, compare their aircraft’s marketability against other aircraft listed for sale, and predict future maintenance expense, with all information updated daily.

The only such tool available in the industry today, eValuesTM also allows users to track data for one or more aircraft, an entire fleet or portfolio, and compare current and forward-looking information for selected aircraft side-by-side.

The eValuesTM tool analyzes every production year for most modern make and model Business Class aircraft.

Subscribers can access analytics based on preloaded aircraft information by simply entering a Serial Number, and they may also update existing data and assumptions for any aircraft. The system provides valuation and other information in graph and table formats for current, residual, orderly liquidation value, maintenance events, and more, advising where the aircraft stands today and during the next five years.

Aircraft can be analyzed and compared side-by-side for buy and sell decisions, and groups of aircraft can be saved and tracked individually and, on a fleet, or portfolio basis. Users can export all information in a number of formats for use by partners, clients, and other interested parties.

“The average business aircraft owner will find this service very useful, as will aircraft acquisition and sales professionals and portfolio managers — anyone who wants to know today’s value of a specific aircraft and look out into the future, as eValuesTM uses easy-to-understand tables and graphs that are calculated utilizing objective processes and real-time data” said Tony Kioussis, president of Asset Insight, LLC.

“The eValuesTM system derives values using the same methods, techniques, and processes an aircraft appraiser would use, and is the industry’s only tool that runs on a true Artificial Intelligence platform. As such, the system’s capabilities will continue to improve by virtue of embedded algorithms — programs that learn from themselves and become smarter as they process data. It is the only automated, web-based system that can forecast Residual Values, maintenance events and their cost, aircraft marketability, and other useful planning and decision-making information.”

Tony Kioussis summarized saying, “We think eValuesTM will change the way buyers and sellers, owners and portfolio managers alike, evaluate business aircraft and make decisions. This tool brings decades of market evaluation expertise together with high-powered computational analytics to provide a never before seen level of forward-looking information to aircraft planning and decision-making information as it relates to aircraft ownership.

Effectively, eValuesTM converts an aircraft into a financial instrument, allowing all involved parties to manage it accordingly.”

Users can access eValuesTM online from their computer or mobile device, and subscribers can choose between plans that cover one or all available aircraft.

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