ARGUS International releases European aircraft activity report


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Greenwood Village, CO  – May 21, 2019 – ARGUS International, the worldwide leader in specialised aviation services, announced the release of the April 2019 TRAQPak European Business Aircraft Activity Report. All data from the ARGUS TRAQPak report is a flight number specific aircraft arrival and departure information on all Eurocontrol coverage area.


TRAQPak’s review of year-over-year flight activity (April 2019 vs. April 2018) indicates that April 2019 recorded a decrease of 12.3%. The aircraft categories were all negative, for the month, with large jets posting the largest decrease from 2018, down 16.8%. Lights jets saw a significant drop in the VLJ market for April and posted a decrease of 8.7%. Mid-size jets felt the slow down as well, recording a 4.3% year over year drop. The turboprop market saw a significant decline in multi-engine flying, which led the whole segment to post a 14.0% decrease. Super Long-Range Jets were the only segment, of the 8 business aircraft categories, to record a year over year increase from 2018, up 1.2%.


April business aviation flight activity posted a month over month increase to finish up 1.6% from March 2019. Aircraft categories were mostly positive for the month with turboprops posting the largest monthly gain, up 4.9%. The segment saw monthly gains in both the single & multi-engine categories. Large jets followed with an increase of 1.2% while mid-size jets recorded a minimal 0.1% monthly gain. The mid-size segment was slowed by a monthly drop in the super mid jet category. Light jets recorded the only monthly decrease, down 4.2% after both VLJs and Light Jets saw a decline in flight activity from March 2019. Overall, 4 of the 8 aircraft categories recorded a monthly increase from March.

 April 2019 vs. April 2018April 2019 vs March 2019
Turbo Prop-14.0%4.9%
Light Jet-8.7%-4.2%
Mid-Size Jet-4.3%0.1%
Large Jet-16.8%1.2%
All Aircraft-12.3%1.6%


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