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Aoife O'Sullivan is lead partner in the Aircraft Finance Department at Gates & Partners, an international law firm, specialising in aerospace and corporate/commercial law.

LEADING LAWYER DIRECTORY – Aoife O’Sullivan, The Air Law Firm

Aoife O’Sullivan is a lead partner at the boutique aviation law practice The Air Law Firm.

Aoife O'Sullivan Gates and Partners

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Aoife’s advice

“Don’t sign binding LOIs on the first aircraft you see, don’t wait until 48 hours before delivery before you hire your lawyer and don’t ask everyone you meet for their advice because they will all have conflicting views.

“Above all else, appoint a strong team who know what they are doing and who will give you reliable impartial advice. Encourage your counterparts to do the same. The best and most efficient transactions are those where the trusted experts are on board for all parties and everyone works together.”

Client testimonials

Aircraft broker: “I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Aoife O Sullivan. She has an excellent team around her in Diego Garrigues as main support, and works on all of my aircraft deals for me wherever possible.

“She is available at all hours, has all the relevant knowledge, is fun as well as professional to deal with and primarily, I trust her with my business entirely being fundamental in its success to date and in the future. I couldn’t recommend anyone higher. Aoife is working hard to lobby the government on the issue of VAT which runs the very risk of stalling the growth we are seeing in sales, and still finds time to run the family.

“She is affordable, in the way that I cannot afford to be without her.”

Irish consultant: “She supports up and coming aviation businesses and helps great expense to her time and reputation, to help boost the industry. Aoife is the type of lawyer/person all industries needs, so to be able to nominate her is an absolute pleasure.”

Official biography

Aoife O’Sullivan advises clients in relation to aircraft finance and regulatory issues, including corporate structures, aircraft acquisitions and disposals, financings, airline start-ups, licensing applications and ancillary issues. She has extensive experience in corporate and asset finance and commercial law. As an active participant in industry events in the business and private aviation market, Aoife speaks regularly at conferences and seminars worldwide and writes regularly for industry publications.