AMSTAT partners with ADS-B Exchange for enhanced ADS-B status reporting



AMSTAT, the business jet market-company, has formed a partnership with ADS-B Exchange to further report on which aircraft are ADS-B compliant.

ADSB-Exchange collates ADS-B / Mode-S / MLAT (multilateration) data from global sources.

Multilateration is a system used to calculate the coordinates of an aircraft by using various sources that are synchronised to the millisecond. This is done because earlier ADS-B implementations did not relay the altitude or position of the aircraft.

AMSTAT and ADS-B Exchange ran comparison algorithms between their datasets and were able to come up with a list of aircraft that do not currently meet the DO-260B ADBS-B implementation, which is required by 2020. The list of aircraft was then appended to the AMSTAT database and is viewable by AMSTAT Premier subscribers.

“The addition of this compliance data to the global fleet tracked in AMSTAT Premier will enable MROs offering ADS-B services to quickly identify which aircraft are not ADS-B compliant and market their services accordingly,” said Andrew Young, general manager, AMSTAT. “AMSTAT remains committed to giving our clients a competitive advantage and this is another example of where our data is doing that.”

The data already shows that 39% of US-based business jets and 38% of US-based turbo-props in the AMSTAT database are ADS-B compliant.

In future, the two companies will regularly cross-reference their databases to come up with up—to-date lists.