Aircraft Current Values and 90-Day eTrend Forecasted Values updated daily and available free of charge


Asset Insight

Asset Insight has announced that anyone logging into the Asset Insight website will now be able to access Current Values and 90-day eTrend Forecasted Values for all tracked aircraft makes and models by year of manufacture.

This new service is available to all users at no cost, once they create a log-in ID and password allowing them to access the Asset Insight system.  Average aircraft values are displayed on the User’s Account Overview page, and all value figures can be sorted by Year of Manufacture, Make, and Model for ease of use.

In deriving these figures, Asset Insight’s Artificial Intelligence platform determines the value for every known serial number for the tracked fleet basing its valuations on a multitude of data points, including, but not limited to economic impact, regional effects, broad market changes, manufacturer trends and production schedules, model trends, like model competitiveness, maintenance schedules, cost expectations, and market perception trends.  The serial number values are then averaged together across the entire make/model group to provide an actual representation of where the make/model/year is and where it is heading.

“Aircraft sales professionals, banking and financial managers, fleet managers, and aircraft owners have stated strong interest in a real-time valuation tool. They have also been telling us that data that looks at the past, and is often months old, isn’t useful in making decisions in this quickly-changing marketplace. As such a valuation tool has not been available within the Business & General Aviation marketplace, Asset Insight invested in the technology to create this service – and we are making it available free of charge to the industry,” said Tony Kioussis, president of Asset Insight. “All figures are updated daily, so users have access to the most complete, unbiased, current and forward-looking valuation information available anywhere in the industry – at no cost.”

Example data is shown here:

Asset Insight values table

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