Airbus launches ACJ319 Elegance


David Vellupillai launches the Elegance ACJ319.

The ACJ319 Elegance will be delivered as a completed aircraft from the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre in France.
Airbus ACJ319 Elegance launch

David Vellupillai from Airbus launches the ACJ319 Elegance at ABACE 2014.

Airbus Corporate Jets has launched the ACJ319 Elegance, a new version of the current ACJ319 corporate jet.

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The ACJ319 Elegance is based on the current ACJ319 airframe, but features a more easily-customisable cabin, capable of accommodating lounge, office, dining and conference modules, with a bathroom and galley at the front of the aircraft and a bedroom and ensuite bathroom at the back.

The completed aircraft will cost just under $80 million, which is priced slightly lower than the ACJ319.

The French aircraft manufacturer will continue to offer the fully-customisable  ACJ319 – which is currently the most popular version of the company’s corporate jet family – alongside the new ACJ319 Elegance.

The new aircraft will be outfitted by the company’s Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) subsidiary in Toulouse, France.

The ACJ319 Elegance was launched by Airbus Corporate Jets at ABACE 2014 in Shanghai, China, by Benoit Defforge, managing director, and David Vellupillai, marketing and communications director.

Airbus Corporate Jets has delivered more than 170 aircraft to date.