Air BP introduces self–serve automat at Kjeller Airport


David Gilmour, Air BP CEO cuts ribbon of first UL91 self-service pump at Kjeller

Air BP has installed a self-serve automat facility at Kjeller Airport in Norway. This makes Kjeller the first airport in Scandinavia to offer three Air BP fuel grades; UL91, which is certified according to ASTM D7547, Avgas 100LL and JetA1. The facility was inaugurated by Air BP chief executive, David Gilmour and Air BP customer, Helge Storflor of Nedre Romerike Flying Club.

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The installation of the UL91 automat is the first step towards the development of a network of Air BP UL91 automats across Scandinavia, which will be rolled out in 2016. Once in place Air BP anticipates that the addition of the third fuel grade, and the convenience afforded by its UL91 sterling card, will go some way to addressing the region’s high demand for unleaded avgas.

Thorbjorn Larsson, Air BP general manager for the Nordics, said: “With the introduction of unleaded avgas at Kjeller, Air BP can meet the customers’ demands for an improved aviation fuel. UL91 is recommended by plane and engine manufacturers for its performance as well as its reputation for maintaining cleaner engines.

“UL91 is both ethanol and lead-free which brings notable benefits. It can result in lower carbon emissions, and lead to better engine performance due to the absence of ethanol. We expect our customers, both airports and pilots, will respond enthusiastically to the increased availability of unleaded avgas [aviation gasoline].”

As Norway’s largest general aviation airport, Kjeller Airport serves Oslo just nine nautical miles away. Additional locations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway are also scheduled to receive UL91 facilities.