Duncan Aviation completes second Falcon 900B avionics upgrade

Terry Spruce

Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, Nebraska completes a second Universal Avionics upgrade on a Dassault Falcon 900B business jet.
Duncan Aviation emplotees with Dassault Falcon 900B business jets
Duncan Aviation emplotees with Dassault Falcon 900B business jets.

Duncan Aviation has completed a second Falcon 900B with Universal Avionics’ EFI-890R retrofit upgrade. The second aircraft showcases a newly designed interior, paint and fully digital HD cabin/management/entertainment system.

The EFI-890R cockpit upgrade replaces 25 older instruments and significantly improves reliability and situational awareness. The avionics suite includes five high-resolution Universal EFI-890R 8.9 inch Advanced Flight Displays, with Engine Interface Units (EIU) that replace the analog gauges.

“We are thrilled with the momentum we have with two delivered aircraft featuring this exciting upgrade,” said Duncan Aviation’s avionics sales representative Steve Elofson.

“The upgrade offers state-of-the-art capabilities that operators have been asking for, enhanced safety and reduced operational costs. We are very proud to provide this new and exciting upgrade for the Falcon 900B,” Elofson added.


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