2023 CJI Miami wrap up

Town Hall

Date: 15 November 2023

Sponsored by: Mesinger Jet Sales

What made CJI Attendees move their heads up and down and what made CJI Attendees move their heads from side to side. We will talk to those presenters from CJI Miami who brought controversy as well as approval to the event. Who knows what will come out of a large group of our industry professionals all gathered in one meeting hall for two days. 

We invited some of the most thought provoking panellists from the three day event.

The line up included:


Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales
Shawn Dinning, Dallas Jet
James Person, Viasat 
C.R. Sincock, Avfuel

Click here to watch the CJI Town Hall


Kindly sponsored by Mesinger Jet Sales.


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