To the power of one in sustainable aviation 


The power of one can be an irresistible force. One person, either leading a team or embedded within it, can have a disproportionally large effect on outcomes. It is these people we have set out to honour in our new CJI Sustainable Power Players 2022 list.

Our aim is to select the 20 most influential individuals in sustainable business aviation. Of course, no one succeeds unless they are backed by a terrific team. But we want to recognise the men and women who are driving practical progress towards cutting business aviation’s carbon emissions to net zero by the 2050 deadline. 

It’s a mammoth task. But slowly and quietly – perhaps too quietly – real progress is being made to keep business aviation on track to meet this demanding goal. Our mission is to highlight the achievement of some of the men and women who are making that progress.

It you can’t see it; you can’t be it. On that basis, the Sustainable Aviation Power Players 2022 list showcases how 20 individuals are leading change within their organisations and across the whole of business aviation. We explain the practical steps they are taking to raise awareness about how the industry can respond to the challenge of cutting carbon emissions.

To pick our top 20 Sustainability Power Players, we enlisted the help of Corporate Jet Investor readers, who were invited to nominate their suggestions. From a long list of more than 50 names, we struggled to cut that down to just 20 names – with the help of our independent panel of six industry judges. Even then, we had to concede defeat and decided to select a further three Highly Commended individuals, who the judges believe deserve recognition.

Both lists are populated by pilots, business leaders, pilots, engineers, technicians and scientists. Despite their widely differing backgrounds, they all have one thing in common – a determination to help aviation meet its climate change obligations. And beyond that, to change the perception of business aviation from being part of the global warming problem to a key provider of solutions to mitigate climate change.

The people named share equal honour. They appear in strictly alphabetical order and in no way have we tried to rank achievements in order of importance. We believe everyone has made an equally stunning contribution to sustainable business aviation. It could have been a much longer list – no one from industry associations is included. (That’s not because they aren’t leading change – very often they are – but because their representatives helped us build the list).

So, welcome to the inaugural CJI Sustainability Power Players 2022 list – and to the CJI Sustainable Business Aviation Guide 2022 of which it is part. Thank you to those who nominated a Power Players candidate and to our judges. And to everyone who is working to improve the sustainability of business aviation – whether their name appears on the list or not. We can all make a difference – one by one.

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