JetSuite launches aircraft management


JetSuite launches aircraft management named after livery

JetSuite, the Californian operator, likes being different. Last year it launched public charter services with Embraer EMB135 jets. This week it has announced a new aircraft management business – with three different products named after JetSuite’s livery.

The WhiteStripe programme is a traditional aircraft management programme. JetSuite manages the aircraft with the owners deciding if they want to make it available for charter.

Under its RedStripe programme, JetSuite manages all aspects of the aircraft with the owner committing to making it available for charter for several days at a time when they do not need it.

The GreyStripe programme is a really innovative option.

JetSuite takes over responsibility for maintenance. Owners can use their aircraft as they want – even using another operator. But when owners do not need it, JetSuite will send pilots down to collect it and then use it for charter.

“We are seeing a lot of interest for both the RedStripe and GreyStripe programmes,” says Cameron Gowans, vice president, sales and marketing for JetSuite. “There is nothing on a scale like GreyStripe and owners are really excited by the concept.”

JetSuite is offering the GreyStripe service to owners of Phenom and Legacy aircraft based anywhere in the US. Owners can chose to operate the aircraft privately when they are using it and then switch it onto JetSuite’s Part 135 certificate.

Aircraft management clearly fits JetSuite’s core skills well. Other owner-operators including XOJET are looking to set up or acquire management companies. One of the biggest lessons of the downturn has been the benefits of diversity. JetSuite now has three different businesses (all of which overlap and work together now), but this is almost the minimum that an operator needs today. In tough markets, operators have had to work harder and smarter.

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