Flying Japanese, I think I’m flying Japanese, I really think so


Japan is one of the world’s most heavily regulated business aviation markets, so when a new operator sets up there it becomes big news.

Especially when one of the companies involved is the country’s second-largest airline. ANA Holdings, the owner of All Nippon Airlines (ANA) has formed a partnership with Sojitz, the Tokyo-based general trading company.

Named ANA Business Jet, the new operator is looking to launch during the summer using HondaJets. ANA says it will provide the worldwide sales network, with Sojitz using its knowledge of business jet operations.

Sojitz is itself no stranger to aviation. In 2017 it bought a minority stake in ACJ Jet Charters, a Florida-based charter operator and promptly used its AOC to set up its own business-jet operator called Phenix Jet.

Although ANA Business Jet will offer direct charters from Japan, the HondaJets will be used from major ANA hubs in Europe and the US.
ANA currently serves nine cities in the US as well as eight in Europe, although a map on ANA’s website shows charter flights from only two cities in the US and one in Europe.

Airlines in Japan forming business jet divisions are not a new phenomenon.

Last year Japan’s biggest airline, Japan Airlines (JAL), formed a partnership with Dassault Falcon Service to create JAL Falcon Business Jet.

Whilst ANA Business Jet will have a joint focus on flights from Japan as well as European and US charters, JAL Falcon Business Jet focuses solely on providing onward connections for passengers on JAL’s Tokyo to Paris scheduled flights.

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