EBACE 2022: And then I saw EBACE, now I’m in Geneva


Falling stock markets. US Inflation at 8.3% and a cost-of-living crisis starting for many. Even Bitcoin down. Apart from unemployment, there are not a lot of positive financial headlines out there. But it will not change the mood at EBACE in Geneva next week. Six months ago, it was not clear that Europe’s largest business aviation event would take place. Now everyone is desperate to meet up.

Switzerland is a great country to visit when inflation is high. Because when you return home, everything suddenly looks more reasonable.

There are three core themes this year: sustainability; new technology; and careers.

There is a new sustainability summit. This, like many sessions, takes place on the show floor, bringing a new buzz to the convention. You can also expect lots of new announcements from companies working on making business aviation more sustainable. You will hear a lot about Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

There will be lots of exciting new aircraft from the new aviation revolution. And expect big news from at least one business jet manufacturer.

There are also a lot of new releases coming from companies trying to make business aviation more efficient.

Although the jokes about costs are fun. The organisers have negotiated hotel costs down significantly. In the dark years after the global financial crisis, it was always a surprise that OEMs focused on selling aircraft at EBACE. They could have made much more charging people to sleep onboard at the static each night.

And to be fair, compared to much of the world, Switzerland is not seeing a massive rise in the cost of living. The Swiss annual inflation rate only hit 2.5% in April (the highest since 2008). At EBACE 2023 we may all be filling our suitcases with cheap cheese and wine.

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