Corporate Jet Investor London 2018 – Day Two


Victor has closed its Series B funding round, after raising a further $18 million through an equity co-investment between BBA Aviation, BP Ventures and existing shareholders.

The $18 million adds to the earlier round led by BP Ventures last September which raised $20 million.

A newly financed Victor has led to the formation of a separate investment vehicle to hold it, to be called Alyssum Group and which has the aim of growth through acquisition. Clive Jackson, Victor’s founder, will head the new group as its CEO. Alyssum says it will focus on developing a ‘connected ecosystem’, by sharing data and business intelligence.

For BP Ventures and BBA Aviation, their further investment in Victor ensures that their services become even further embedded into the Victor system. For Victor, it closes the Series B round, allowing the corporate restructuring to progress further. Alyssum says it will open a Series C funding round of funding in mid-2018, the targeted amount has yet to be revealed.


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